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The English garden we wanted to create on the Sekisui Main Line was

​Not like the Queen of Hearts garden with its fountains and rose arches and pruned yews;

It was an English natural garden with an attractive feature that attracted wild animals.

It's called the Wildlife Garden.

The organic design incorporates the life cycle of the natural world and does not use any chemical fertilizers.

​This is by Scottish gardener Andy Cunningham (Studio Kyoryu).

Our request is to restore the nature of the past to Tsurugashima, which has lost its fields and mountains.

That's why the flowers on the Sekisui Main Line are so-called weeds and wildflowers.

Hundreds of types of plants, mainly perennials, have already been planted along the Sekisui Main Line.

It is becoming a paradise for many insects and birds.

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2​0November 2020

Before it was designed as a natural garden.

Construction of the factory began, and trees grew sparsely along the outer periphery of what would become the Sekisui Main Line.

It is only mulched to prevent weeds.

2​021 May

Planting has begun.

​You can see the vivid appearance of Noa thistle.

2​022 September

Otokoeshi and Ominaeshi have bloomed.

​It used to often grow on roadsides, but now it is rarely seen.

2​022 December

2​023 March

A railway was built on part of the Sekisui Main Line.

​Plants know when to sprout in the soil.

It's the season of waiting patiently.

2​023 April

This is the time when the natural world suddenly regains its vitality.

The contrast between Yuki willow and Yaeyamabuki is beautiful.

​It will make you forget the loneliness of the colorless winter.

2​023 May

At this time of year, various flowers bloom and wither in cycles of one to two weeks. Withering flowers also become natural dried flowers, giving off a dignified presence among the bright spring flowers.

​A side walk using sleepers was also created.

2​023 June

Bellflowers and spirea are blooming, making the area even more gorgeous.

​Nepenthes are growing near my feet.

​Parthenovine planting has begun on the wall of the SEKISUI WORKS warehouse.

2​023 July

The foxtail razor, the fireweed, and the queen-like mountain lily have bloomed. When the wind blows, it smells like lilies.

What kind of scent does it smell when mixed with steam locomotive smoke?

​I'm really looking forward to it.



This photo is taken in the Cotswolds region of England.Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam RailwayThat's called

Gotherington station on the preserved railway.

Although it is a very small station, it is always beautifully decorated with flowers every spring by volunteers.

I feel like there is nothing more blissful than waiting for the train while watching flowers spilling out of hanging baskets and insects swarming around.

The garden on the Sekisui Main Line is an organic garden that does not use chemical fertilizers.

This creates soil that is safe for animals, but it is a very labor-intensive process.

Compost making using fallen leaves has begun, and if you are interested in learning how to create strong soil that will naturally revitalize, please help us create a garden along the Sekisui Main Line.

We are planning to hold lectures and practical workshops under the guidance of Studio Kyoryu.

​(Date will be announced later)

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