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Minffordd station is one of the stations that shows the depth of British railway culture. Minffordd station, located on the road, is a station on the Ffestiniog Railway and was built in 1836.


At the end of the platform there is a slope leading to the standard gauge station below.


Minffordd 23.Apr,,2022


Minffordd station was the only station used until Blaenau became connected to National Rail. Also, near Minffordd Station is Portmeirion, famous as the filming location for the surreal cult science fiction drama ``Prisoner No. 6'' produced by the BBC, which was once broadcast on NHK, and is the closest station for those visiting by train. Also known as.

Minffordd 23.Apr,,2022


to standard gaugeThe adjacent Minffordd Yard was once an exchange yard for standard and narrow gauge railways. This once vast site was primarily used for the transshipment of coal and goods destined for Blaenau Ffestiniog. Railway slate transport from Minffordd station continued until the early 1960s. The yard at Minffordd station is now used exclusively for the Ffestiniog Railway and the standard gauge connection was removed in 1973.

Minffordd 23.Apr,,2022


The photo above is the current Minffordd Yard. The photo below shows Minffordd Yard in 1920.

Minffordd 23.Apr,,2022


source: Wikipedia

In this era of black-and-white photography, you could have seen Small England shunting. Today, the Ffestiniog Railway is a tourist railway and does not carry coal or slate.

​Except for special days.


Minffordd 23.Apr,,2022

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