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A small diorama that can barely fit a vehicle. It was created to resemble a three-dimensional picture on a wooden canvas.

The freight car that England is pulling is painted with ``Narrow Gauge Box Toro Brass Soldering Kit (25-924) that deepens with STEAM''. It will run on the Sekisui Main Line, which will open in 2024, along with "BILLY" behind it, "Narrow Gauge Diesel Locomotive Kit (25-922) Deepened with STEAM". The scales are different, but you can use it freely on the diorama.


Freight cars are mini trains



This is Bachmann Trains ('s narrow gauge Thomas series passenger cars are connected.

​It is a cute design that seems to be modeled after the passenger cars of Talyllin Railway, a popular preserved railway in Wales along with Ffestiniog.


Building : Bachmann Europe Scenecraft



Building: Osborn's Models(

KATO mini diorama circus ( is made by attaching PECO's OO-9 rail to the mini diorama base.

I would also like to hold a narrow gauge circus in the future.


This diorama was created by Sky Hobby in Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture (https://www.skyhobby.netI made it using the diorama base sold at ). When purchased, the base is made of Styrofoam with an R150 Unitrack oval laid out and a mountain built in the center.

Here, in order to create a "Ffestiniog style", we placed stone walls and sheep, and the scenery was centered around a withered color.However, if we create rice fields, it will become a Japanese village forest, and we planted a lot of coniferous trees to increase the brightness. If you grow tall colored grass, it will become a German or Swiss style diorama.

It is easy to see that even with the same base, the atmosphere can completely change just by changing the color.

This is a very easy base to make.

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